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Balko Parts 2, 3 & 4 – The Bitemark Saga

Finally all published ! Radley Balko has completed his four part series on bitemarks.  Released during the AAFS 2015 meeting, they cause a considerable stir within the forensic community, not least among odonts – some of whom welcomed the overview while others felt it was an unwarranted attack.

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DNA and odontology

Find out how DNA is utilised in odontology for identification and bitemark analysis. Identification DNA in human identification – there are two review articles on the subject that you can read here, and here.  They cover the basics of DNA from teeth – consider enamel to be an armoured coating …

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Find out all about bitemarks – good and bad, here. [SlideDeck2 id=1125 iframe=1] Access our basic guide resources here.      

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