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Recognition of bite marks in child abuse cases – Full Text

Another paper in our series examining the issue of child abuse.  This is a simple review paper that outlines the role of forensic dentists in the assessment of NAI of dental origin or of neglect.

Health professionals must be attentive to any and all signs of child maltreatment. Bite marks are one of several visual expressions of active child abuse. The efforts of forensic odontologists, in conjunction with recent technical advancements in bite mark analysis, support the uniqueness of the hu~nan dentition and have contributed to the conviction of numerous child abusers. Through recognition, proper documentation, and reporting dentists can help the forensic community use bite marks to solve cases of child maltreatment. (Pediatr Dent 16:336-39, 1994).

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Odont1 is a seasoned forensic dentist, researcher and educator with an interest in progressing the science of the discipline while retaining those elements that are evidence based and useful to the judicial system at any level.

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