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Practical Forensic Dentistry: Theory and practice of forensic dentistry

This text, written by Tom Glass is often overlooked by book buyers in the discipline.  Indeed, our copy only arrived in 2011, and the book was published in 2009.  Published by a little known house, this could be the reason for the lack of publicity around what is an excellent text.  Where this text differs from others is in its advocation of the use of skill mix in dentistry – involving the whole dental team.

The value of hygienists, therapists and nurses in delivering odontology is described. Its important to remember that every member of the dental team practices forensic dentistry on a daily basis.  This book provides readers with a practical guide to the everyday practice of forensic dentistry by covering body identification by dental means and bite mark evidence collection and analysis. Civil litigation also is covered in sections on personal injury and dental malpractice analysis with basic and complex cases presented. This is a particular strength of the book as civil ligitagtion is often overlooked in other texts, as they tend to concentrate on the criminal components of the work.  Additional chapters  are provided with check lists of what needs to be available for morgue and field work as well as for court appearances.

Part II, Forensic Dentistry in Action, has numerous case notes and photographs of actual forensic investigations. These examples confirm the vital role the forensic dentist and dental auxiliaries can play in civil and criminal investigations. You can purchase this text directly from Amazon by clicking here.

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