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Manual of Forensic Odontology, Fifth Edition

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 19.00.41We are often asked, “Where do I start ?” – and this is what we always say – buy the ASFO Manual and take it from there.  To be honest, the book is of mixed standards with some excellent contributions – Dental Identifications for example, and some less well – the Bitemarks chapter still reads a little like ABFO propaganda – but its worth a read and it helps set the stage and start you off.  It is likely that a 6th Edition will be on its way – but not before 2017 so this is a text to buy now – it doesn’t really suit the Kindle format – get the paper version and then you can have it to reference whenever you like.

You can purchase the book from Amazon by clicking here.

Remember this is a manual rather then a textbook – the Chapters don’t necessarily link together – but everything can be read as a standalone.  Jim Lewis’ ageing chapter is a particular highlight in this regard.

Previous versions of the manual are also available – I still use my Edition 3! – I love the larger format of it and the material is still relevant today.  I picked up a copy for less than $5 the other day – definitely worth it in addition to the above!

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