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Innocence Project sues museum for access to archives on ‘tragically flawed’ bite-mark evidence

The ABA law journal is reporting that the IP has sued the federal government’s National Museum of Health and Medicine for denying it access to archival information on the history of bite-mark analysis.

A press release on the lawsuit is here, and coverage by the New York Law Journal is here.

The material is in the archives of the American Board of Forensic Odontology, an organization that certifies dentists as forensic bite-mark experts. The organization has provided testimony and evidence leading to the conviction of defendants “in a plethora of criminal cases,” the suit says.

The museum is part of the U.S. Department of Defense. The suit claims that the museum violated the Innocence Project’s First Amendment rights by denying the information because of the group’s viewpoint and by retaliating because of its critical stance.

“The museum evidently sided with the ABFO—which has been hostile to the work of the Innocence Project and other critics—to prevent the Innocence Project from conducting research that could have produced unwelcome results and which could have further embarrassed the ABFO and its members,” the suit says.

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