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Forensic Photography – New Textbook

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Photography is a key element of forensic dentistry – both in terms of bitemarks and identifications.  Evidence must be documented, and photographs are a component of analysis of bitemarks.  This new text book is an excellent review of not only how to get high quality photographs, but how to analyse, store, access, adjust and optimise.

A crucial part of using photographs is understanding the processes behind them – this book explains it all clearly and in an easy to read format.

Forensic photography plays a vitally important part in the investigation of crime and the subsequent administration of justice. Written by a practitioner with many years professional experience, this book provides an overview of the most common forensic photography techniques in use today for those readers who may not have a detailed understanding of camera techniques and who need to get to grips with the use of light and other key scientific aspects of the job. It covers image capture issues, file handling and relevant equipment, such as lasers and UV lights, and explores how they work.

The predominance of the digital camera has resulted in an increasing trend for police forces across the world to use untrained camera users, rather than expert photographers. Therefore, this book will prove invaluable for those practitioners who need to produce accurate and clear photographic evidence, above and beyond the point and shoot mode on their cameras. Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 19.43.26

You can purchase the book here from Amazon – and as usual we would recommend that you purchase the hard copy version rather than the Kindle version – the high quality graphics need to be viewed in colour rather than black and white – and, as a reference text, you want to flip through to other sections.



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