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Forensic Odontology: An Essential Guide

I have recently purchased this and thought I would share views.  Again, a multi author textbook and hence of variable quality.  Alistair Sloan’s tooth development is a treat, but the level of detail may be more than is required by some, and the bitemark chapter by Sheasby is a careful and cautious treatise on an area of practice that, like in the US, is being treated with some suspicion in the UK. The book also covers practical aspects of the discipline that are not always considered in such textbooks including mortuary practice and and acting as an expert witness.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 19.29.45Overall a recommended purchase especially for those looking for an up to date assessment of the position of bitemarks from a European perspective.  You can purchase it here from Amazon – I purchased it on Google Books as an e book and find it almost useless as it cannot be downloaded or sections printed.

While I am a big advocate of e readers and paperless offices, I do find that reference texts are nearly always better off in hard copy – you want to be able to pick them up and browse.  For older texts, that I use less, I have started to get this digitised and converted so that they can be searched – also a great way of finding the information that you need.


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Odont1 is a seasoned forensic dentist, researcher and educator with an interest in progressing the science of the discipline while retaining those elements that are evidence based and useful to the judicial system at any level.

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