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Find all the latest forensic texts here.  We have read them all and reviewed them for you.  Covering forensic dentistry and related areas including the law, forensic pathology and other areas of the judicial system.  There are direct links to purchase the books and we have also included links to Kindle books when they are available.  You will find the core text books here and watch out for the posts on new books that we have reviewed.  If you are a publisher would like us to consider your text book – please contact us using the “Contact Us” button on the homepage. We are also interested in your reviews of the texts that we have selected.  Each book has its own post page – simply click the link and then you can add a comment or review to help others determine if the text is right for them.

We have a number of different book sections; click the links below to go to the relevant posts:

Non-fiction odontology here;  Non-fiction anthropology here, Non-fiction pathology here.


Bitemark Evidence – Second Edition

The latest version of Dr Robert Dorion’s Bitemark Evidence is now available.  Covering all aspects of forensic dentistry The following chapters are included. There are excellent new chapters on the science and reliability of bitemarks as well as a chapter on wrongful conviction.  You can order the book from Amazon by clicking here for the US version, or here for the UK version.

  • A historical perspective, beginning with the earliest known bitemark references from the Bible and the Kama Sutra, up to the modern development of forensic organizations around the world
  • Updated chapter on digital photography
  • Practical tips on forensic bitemark photography
  • Processing and analysis of digital images for evidentiary purposes
  • The rationale, use, materials, and methods employed for confocal laser microscopy (CLM) and the scanning electron microscope (SEM)
  • Current issues in bitemark analysis and research, emerging technologies, and recent developments
  • Completely revamped section on research with hundreds of accompanying color photographs
  • Experimental bitemarks and histology, with data on the microscopic examination of bitemarks on fresh and frozen piglet skin and the microscopic examination of human bitemarks
  • Updated information on genotypic comparison of oral bacteria isolated from bitemarks and teeth
  • Proper steps in forming a contract with an expert witness
  • Erroneous bitemark opinions and wrongful convictions overturned by DNA evidence

The book is available in its first edition as a kindle book – you can access this version here

Practical Forensic Dentistry: Theory and practice of forensic dentistry

This text, written by Tom Glass is often overlooked by book buyers in the discipline.  Indeed, our copy only arrived in 2011, and the book was published in 2009.  Published by a little known house, this could be the reason for the lack of publicity around what is an excellent text.  Where this text differs from others is in its advocation of the use of skill mix in dentistry – involving the whole dental team.  The value of hygienists, therapists and nurses in delivering odontology is described. Its important to remember that every member of the dental team practices forensic dentistry on a daily basis.  This book provides readers with a practical guide to the everyday practice of forensic dentistry by covering body identification by dental means and bite mark evidence collection and analysis. Civil litigation also is covered in sections on personal injury and dental malpractice analysis with basic and complex cases presented. This is a particular strength of the book as civil ligitagtion is often overlooked in other texts, as they tend to concentrate on the criminal components of the work.  Additional chapters  are provided with check lists of what needs to be available for morgue and field work as well as for court appearances. Part II, Forensic Dentistry in Action, has numerous case notes and photographs of actual forensic investigations. These examples confirm the vital role the forensic dentist and dental auxiliaries can play in civil and criminal investigations. You can purchase this text directly from Amazon by clicking here.  Please also visit the books individual post where you can make comments on your view on the text – please visit here.

Dental Autopsy

Published back in 2009 this text, written by the highly respected Bill Silver and Dick Souviron covers all aspects of forensic dentistry.  The book states covers:

  • Learn complete autopsy protocols from the world’s top experts
  • Build conclusive proof with bitemark evidence
  • Preserve the chain of custody for critical evidence; keep unimpeachable records
  • Build and present compelling cases in court
  • Learn to work with diverse agencies
  • Establish your reputation with authoritative, irrefutable testimony

The book is hardbound and provides an excellent resource and is targeted at those with some experience of forensic dentistry. You can purchase the book on Amazon simply by clicking here. A kindle version is not currently available.

Forensic Dentistry – Senn & Stimson

Just released at this years (2010) AAFS meeting in Seattle sees the second edition of this excellent text and David Stenn joins Paul Stimson on the editorial team.  One of CRC press’s increasing range of dental forensic texts (they will be releasing the second edition of  Robert Dorion’s Bitemark Evidence in the new year) the book has high  production values and is a comprehensive review of the state of the art of  forensic odontology. 18 Chapters cover the full range of the discipline with excellent chapters on the history of odontology, evidence managament and jurisprudence.  Well recommended for both the novice and the expert the book provides information that will be helpful to all.  The inclusion of forensic anthropology and the excellent radiography section all add value to this text.  You can use Amazon’s look inside feature to see example content from the book.  Just click the link below.

Examine this book in more detail and purchase from Amazon – just click here

Forensic Dental Evidence – Bowers

Just released this is the second edition of the popular guide by Mike Bowers.  This book is designed not only for odontologists but also for those who use their services, providing a comprehensive guide to what forensic dentists can provide to law enforcement, courts and other judicial systems.  The new version takes a different approach with a number of authors contributing to the text rather than the solo effort of the the first edition.

Forensic Dental Evidence: An Investigator’s Handbook is a must-read for all participants in the criminal justice system–judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, investigators and police, to name a few–as well as all forensic odontologists. C. Michael Bowers, one of the world’s most renowned forensic dental experts, draws upon a wealth of his expertise and that of others to put forth in a highly accessible book information and guidance that will surely prevent misidentifications and wrongful convictions.” – Maurice Possley, Northern California Innocence Project at Santa Clara University Law School, Santa Clara, CA; Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist

To purchase the paper version click here.  To start reading this on a Kindle device within 60 seconds, click here.

Handbook for Dental Identification: Techniques in Forensic Dentistry 


Published back in 1973 this book is still an excellent resource for both those experienced and those new to forensic dentistry.  Only available in second hand versions the book represents a technique based approach to forensic identification and covers the main aspects of the discipline.  This book is an excellent revision tool for those studying for examinations in odontology or forensic identification.

You can still get copies of this text from Amazon, simply click here to purchase.

Forensic Photography: The importance of accuracy

This is an excellent new addition to the field of forensic photography and an area of significant importance to forensic dentists.  Much of our work is based on the collection and assessment of high quality images.  Indeed, the front cover of this text include a scale that will be familiar to many – a modified ABFO No. 2 scale.  We can recommend this text to everyone with an interest not only in bitemark analysis, but also in capturing images of found human remains – especially if a antemortem records are not available at the time of examination.   Designed specifically for the forensic professional, this up-to-date, state-of-the art manual offers a complete look at forensic photography. Its focus is not only on what to photograph, but also how to use the latest equipment and techniques to capture images that translate to the courtroom. Each chapter includes hands-on exercises and actual case studies that reinforce best practices and protocols.  Its emphasis on accuracy reinforces how to overcome common roadblocks and its applications appeal directly to all those who capture forensic evidence – including odontologists. Based on the author’s quarter century of experience as a practicing professional, Forensic Photography: The Importance of Accuracy is a comprehensive, practical, step-by-step introduction to forensic photography. This book outlines all the processes, protocols, and best practices necessary to accurately document crime, accident, and fire scenes in virtually every context–indoors; outside in rain, snow, heat, or cold; and underwater.

Key features include:

  • A focus on digital photography–the first book on the topic with this emphasis.
  • Thorough discussion of the importance of accuracy, visual storytelling, and practices and protocols for evidence documentation.
  • Step-by-step outlines for generally accepted best practices.
  • Inclusive lists of necessary hardware for project success.
  • Numerous photo examples.
  • Real-life case studies illustrating the steps taken to photographically document evidence.
  • Comprehensive glossary of all technical terms.
  • A book specific Companion Website with review material, additional photo examples, and links to photography-related websites(www.prenhall.com/weiss).

You can order this text directly from Amazon by clicking here and if you do purchase this book – please visit this books post page to leave a comment; simply click here