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Fabricant on TPR describes impact of Texas decision

Following the landmark decision of the Texas Forensic Science Commission to recommend a ban on the use of bitemarks, Chris Fabricant, Director of Strategic Litigation at the Innocence Project, talks to TPR on the reasons behind, and the impact of, the decision.

Replaying some of Dr David Senn’s earlier interview on the same show (listen here) Fabricant explains the issues involved.

A 20 minute interview but well worth listening to.

As odontologists start to arrive in Las Vegas for their annual meeting at the AAFS it will be interesting to see how this result has landed, what the spirit of the meeting is, and if the dentists will rise to the challenge and embrace the research requested by the TFSC.

It will also be interesting to understand the impact of this decision on other forensic sections – will they be under threat next – and is their research base sufficient to satisfy the scrutiny of Forensic Commissions around the United States.

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