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Excellent new photography book: Forensic Photography: Importance of Accuracy

This is an excellent new addition to the field of forensic photography and an area of significant importance to forensic dentists.  Much of our work is based on the collection and assessment of high quality images.  Indeed, the front cover of this text include a scale that will be familiar to many – a modified ABFO No. 2 scale.  We can recommend this text to everyone with an interest not only in bitemark analysis, but also in capturing images of found human remains – especially if a antemortem records are not available at the time of examination.   Designed specifically for the forensic professional, this up-to-date, state-of-the art manual offers a complete look at forensic photography. Its focus is not only on what to photograph, but also how to use the latest equipment and techniques to capture images that translate to the courtroom. Each chapter includes hands-on exercises and actual case studies that reinforce best practices and protocols.  Its emphasis on accuracy reinforces how to overcome common roadblocks and its applications appeal directly to all those who capture forensic evidence – including odontologists. Based on the author’s quarter century of experience as a practicing professional, Forensic Photography: The Importance of Accuracy is a comprehensive, practical, step-by-step introduction to forensic photography. This book outlines all the processes, protocols, and best practices necessary to accurately document crime, accident, and fire scenes in virtually every context–indoors; outside in rain, snow, heat, or cold; and underwater.

Key features include:

  • A focus on digital photography–the first book on the topic with this emphasis.
  • Thorough discussion of the importance of accuracy, visual storytelling, and practices and protocols for evidence documentation.
  • Step-by-step outlines for generally accepted best practices.
  • Inclusive lists of necessary hardware for project success.
  • Numerous photo examples.
  • Real-life case studies illustrating the steps taken to photographically document evidence.
  • Comprehensive glossary of all technical terms.
  • A book specific Companion Website with review material, additional photo examples, and links to photography-related websites(www.prenhall.com/weiss).

You can order this text directly from Amazon by clicking here and if you do purchase this book – please do comment on this below.


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Odont1 is a seasoned forensic dentist, researcher and educator with an interest in progressing the science of the discipline while retaining those elements that are evidence based and useful to the judicial system at any level.

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