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Child care provider accused of biting a child

Not the first time we have seen a daycare worker alleged of this – but last time we had a story like this the BM looked, to me and several others, like it sufficient detail present to suggest, at least, a child had caused it!  You can read this story here.

A Beulah daycare provider is charged with child neglect or abuse, after biting a three year old child in her care. Brandy Aadnes is also charged with operating a child care facility without a license. A Beulah Police Officer said he was asked to investigate Aadnes after a report was made of a child being bitten during daycare in August. The family of the child told the officer the child had an adult size bite mark on his arm when they picked him.

This statement is especially important – take a look at our article that describes why size, on its own, is rarely sufficient to indicate if an adult (12 years or over for the purposes of bitemarks) or child was responsible.

According to a court affidavit the family showed the officer messages exchanged where Aadnes admitted to biting the child. During a police interview, Aadnes admitted she bit the boy to show him that biting hurts, after the child had bitten another child in her care. B felony child abuse or neglect holds a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

The “show and do” piece here is something that I have heard before – both from carers and parents – I wanted to show them that it hurts.  Clearly assaulting someone to show that assaulting someone is painful is inappropriate – and not the behaviour one would expect from child care workers…

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