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Senn & Potkin at NACDL

David Senn has long been a vocal spokesperson for bitemarks and the ABFO.  However, his views on bitemarks have changed over the years. Nothing different in that surely?  However, the interesting thing is that Senn was once one of those calling for caution, stating in his NAS presentation that the scientific …

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The Terry Driver Case

This case, from Abbotsford, British Columbia is of interest to all odontologists – it features the collection of saliva from a bitemark, and, demonstrates the tenacity of saliva – the DNA was recovered many hours after death, and in water. This case was featured in a Journal of Forensic Science article …

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Sheriff Who Caught Ted Bundy Recalls Chilling Details of the Investigation – the legitimisation of bitemarks

As one of the most notorious serial killers in history, Ted Bundy has become part of American folklore and his case featured bitemarks.  Indeed can be argued that Bundy bitemark case placed the emerging science on a sure footing and the technique became mainstream.  It must be good because it …

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