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Twin study suggests caution in dental ageing techniques.

Ageing papers – they are normally of little interest to anyone – especially given that the techniques are so well established and there has been endless re-iterations of them.  However, I thought this paper, Twins and the paradox of dental-age estimations: A caution for researchers and clinicians The biological age …

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Learning for Lawyers

We understand the need for lawyers working in criminal justice to be effective consumers of forensic science – be this from a defence or prosecution perspective.  We have therefore assembled our content into useful guides for lawyers that are accepted for continuing professional development by most jurisdictions.  The science is …

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High School Students

We all know about the CQC and the need to demonstrate that you and your team are up to date in key areas such as health and safety, equality and diversity and information governance.  Not the most exciting of topics but our content experts have distilled the requirements to the …

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Police and Coroners Officers

All payments on the site are processed by our credit card partner Stripe. We dont retain any of your details and the site is fully secured – just look for the secured icon in your browser window. We are also committed to customer satisfaction – if you don’t think a …

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Learning for free

Here at the ForensicSchool we have a number of courses that you can take for free; these give you a chance to explore our content, our learning platform and learn more about forensic science.  All of our courses are competitively priced and we hope that you find lots of useful …

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