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BAFO Presentation – Wrongful Convictions

Please find below a copy of the presentation given at BAFO.  Please note that certain images have been removed – all others are in the public domain. This presentation outlines the issues around wrongful convictions from a timeline perspective.  It is designed to demonstrate the position in early 1990 when …

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BBC Exposes expert witnesses for hire – can you buy justice?

The BBCs leading documentary programme, Panorama, has undertaken an expose of expert witnesses in the UK. Looking at document examiners, a wildlife expert and a CCTV specialist they undertook secret filming of each. In every case the reporter indicates their guilt and yet the experts agree to prepare reports that …

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Kieser – No evidence of contextual bias in bitemarks

A few weeks ago we reported on the death of Jules Kieser – a leading odont researcher from New Zealand.  His last publication, currently in press at the journal Science and Justice – looks at the impact of contextual bias in bitemarks – and, interestingly, finds none. Contextual bias has …

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Its not only pattern analysis that can be fallible – how about DNA?

Fallible DNA evidence can mean prison or freedom YOU are the juror: would you trust DNA evidence? Most people regard it as near infallible- it produces the right result or no result, exonerating the innocent and securing convictions where other evidence fails. But DNA is not as objective as you …

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