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The Terry Driver Case

This case, from Abbotsford, British Columbia is of interest to all odontologists – it features the collection of saliva from a bitemark, and, demonstrates the tenacity of saliva – the DNA was recovered many hours after death, and in water. This case was featured in a Journal of Forensic Science article …

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The Boston Strangler

A fascinating case – with lots of myths – was Albert Frank DeSalvo, The ‘Boston Strangler’,  caught when police spotted a defensive bite on his hand from a victim who survived the attack?  Or was he handed over by mental health workers.  DNA was anlaysed in this case until recently – although …

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History Cold Case: The York 113

The first in our series of documentaries featuring odontology or related fields, in this episode we are examining the investigation of a mass grave. In 2008, construction workers just beyond York’s city walls uncovered 113 bodies in a mass grave. The History Cold Case team spots an incredibly rare genetic …

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