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Authorities want innocence certificate vacated in case of man cleared by DNA

In the years since DNA pointed toward Bennie Starks’ innocence in the rape and beating of a woman in Waukegan, Lake County authorities have worked persistently but unsuccessfully to continue holding him accountable for the attack.

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A new forensics bill approved in California

This article is by Radely Balko – original here California’s state Senate has just approved an important new bill that would help people convicted of crimes due to bad science win new trials. Let’s hope it gets passed into law. One of the most important things we’ve learned from DNA testing is …

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Its not only pattern analysis that can be fallible – how about DNA?

Fallible DNA evidence can mean prison or freedom YOU are the juror: would you trust DNA evidence? Most people regard it as near infallible- it produces the right result or no result, exonerating the innocent and securing convictions where other evidence fails. But DNA is not as objective as you …

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DNA and odontology

Find out how DNA is utilised in odontology for identification and bitemark analysis. Identification DNA in human identification – there are two review articles on the subject that you can read here, and here.  They cover the basics of DNA from teeth – consider enamel to be an armoured coating …

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