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Forensic Photography – New Textbook

Photography is a key element of forensic dentistry – both in terms of bitemarks and identifications.  Evidence must be documented, and photographs are a component of analysis of bitemarks.  This new text book is an excellent review of not only how to get high quality photographs, but how to analyse, …

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Bitemark Evidence – 2nd Edition

The latest version of Dr Robert Dorion’s Bitemark Evidence is now available.  Covering all aspects of forensic dentistry The following chapters are included. There are excellent new chapters on the science and reliability of bitemarks as well as a chapter on wrongful conviction.  You can order the book from Amazon by clicking here for …

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Dental Autopsy – Silver & Souviron

Published back in 2009 this text, written by the highly respected Bill Silver and Dick Souviron covers all aspects of forensic dentistry.  The book states covers: Learn complete autopsy protocols from the world’s top experts Build conclusive proof with bitemark evidence Preserve the chain of custody for critical evidence; keep …

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