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Secular trend in the maturation of permanent teeth in a sample of Turkish children over the past 30 years.

This study was performed to evaluate the influence of secular trends on dental maturation among Turkish children over the past 30 years. Orthopantomograms of 757 (385 boys, 372 girls) Turkish children born in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s were evaluated. Three groups were formed based on decade with five subgroups …

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Mandibular canine index: A reliable predictor for gender identification using study cast in Indian population.

CONTEXT: Various methods are used for gender identification in anthropologic and forensic investigations. The canine tooth is widely used for gender determination because of its sexual dimorphism and durability in the oral cavity. Mandibular canine index (MCI) is one of the most reliable and valid predictor for gender identification. AIM: …

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Forensic considerations when dealing with incinerated human dental remains. Full Text

Establishing the human dental identification process relies upon sufficient post-mortem data being recovered to allow for a meaningful comparison with ante-mortem records of the deceased person. Teeth are the most indestructible components of the human body and are structurally unique in their composition. They possess the highest resistance to most …

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