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Bitemark Bibliography

Here is a list of all the peer reviewed publications on bitemarks.  This list is up to date as of 2011 and we will be updating this to 2017 shortly.

You can download the list for your own use and please feel free to distribute.

The bibliography was collated in order to ensure that there was a ready resource of science in the area available to dentists, lawyers and others with an interest in the discipline.

You will find copies of some of the historic papers under the literature tabs in the menu above – we have made these available as access to these from traditional libraries and academic repositories is difficult.  Accessing older works is important – many of these older works have been forgotten and yet they include valuable data that is still relevant today.


[gview file=”http://www.forensicdentistryonline.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Annotated-BM-Citation-List.pdf”]


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Odont1 is a seasoned forensic dentist, researcher and educator with an interest in progressing the science of the discipline while retaining those elements that are evidence based and useful to the judicial system at any level.

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