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Karla Brown – Forensic Files

The Karla Brown case and potential wrongful conviction of John Prante continues.  A bitemark assessed in minutes, a bitemark that wasn’t discovered for several years and an odontologist with a chequered past of wrongful convictions (indeed, the individual involved may well now be sued by another victim of his BM analysis).

Here is a forensic file on the case – and in an interesting twist the prosecutor in this case also wrote a book on it, you can see more here.

This case has all the hallmarks of another BM related wrongful conviction and 2018 may be the year that the case gets looked at again, especially given the apparent reasonableness of the prosecutor now in place.  This is only one of several cases that is likely to be heard in 2o18 in which BM evidence will be tested and challenged.  The year promises to be interesting – and Seattle’s AAFS meeting this year should the issues hotly discussed too.

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