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High School Students

We all know about the CQC and the need to demonstrate that you and your team are up to date in key areas such as health and safety, equality and diversity and information governance.  Not the most exciting of topics but our content experts have distilled the requirements to the “need to know” level and made learning as interactive and enjoyable as possible.

Provide your CQC inspector with instant proof that you and your team are up to date and ready to go.

If you have been through a CQC inspection you will know the level of scrutiny that is applied to staff training.  With one our CPD verifiable certificates in hand you will be able to instantly demonstrate your compliance with the relevant domains and make the experience a simple one.

All of our CQC courses have been written by content experts – people from primary care who understand both the material and your need to understand it.  Relying heavily on video material to make learning as enjoyable as possible the material is tailored to the dental audience making sure you don’t spend time on learning that isn’t relevant to dentistry.  Our courses have been reviewed by primary care dentists and former CQC inspectors to make sure that we have everything right – and don’t forget our course guarantee.

About Odont1

Odont1 is a seasoned forensic dentist, researcher and educator with an interest in progressing the science of the discipline while retaining those elements that are evidence based and useful to the judicial system at any level.

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