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Wrongful Convictions

Bitemark evidence is junk science – until research shows otherwise

Here is how the Houston Post described the findings from the Texas Forensic Science Commission. Why not listen to the NPR interview with Chris Fabricant on the impact of this finding here. There were bite marks on John Sweek’s arm when police found him stabbed to death on his kitchen …

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Fabricant on TPR describes impact of Texas decision

Following the landmark decision of the Texas Forensic Science Commission to recommend a ban on the use of bitemarks, Chris Fabricant, Director of Strategic Litigation at the Innocence Project, talks to TPR on the reasons behind, and the impact of, the decision. Replaying some of Dr David Senn’s earlier interview on …

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Senn & Potkin at NACDL

David Senn has long been a vocal spokesperson for bitemarks and the ABFO.  However, his views on bitemarks have changed over the years. Nothing different in that surely?  However, the interesting thing is that Senn was once one of those calling for caution, stating in his NAS presentation that the scientific …

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