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Bitemark identification in child abuse cases – Wagner 1986 – Full Text

This paper highlights the important issue of bitemarks on children and correctly states that Bitemarks in children represent child abuse until proven differently The paper contains useful information on the identification and collection of evidence and was cited in the American Academy of Peadiatrics guidelines on the subject. However, the …

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Sheriff Who Caught Ted Bundy Recalls Chilling Details of the Investigation – the legitimisation of bitemarks

As one of the most notorious serial killers in history, Ted Bundy has become part of American folklore and his case featured bitemarks.  Indeed can be argued that Bundy bitemark case placed the emerging science on a sure footing and the technique became mainstream.  It must be good because it …

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Forensic dentists sidestep “glaring errors” in civil suit

Robert Lee Stinson’s civil suit against two forensic dentists whose evidence contributed to his wrongful conviction (and 23 years imprisonment) has failed due to the experts being afforded “absolute immunity”.  Stinson did claim that the detectives and odontologists has conspired against him – but he did not prevail: In the …

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Texas Forensic Science Commission to Investigate Bite Mark Evidence

By Matt Kellner Matt is a paralegal in the Strategic Litigation Department, where he identifies potential test cases, conducts research, and assists the department’s three attorneys with case-related  tasks. Last Friday, the Texas Forensic Science Commission voted unanimously to investigate the integrity and reliability of bite mark comparison evidence. The …

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