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The Terry Driver Case

This case, from Abbotsford, British Columbia is of interest to all odontologists – it features the collection of saliva from a bitemark, and, demonstrates the tenacity of saliva – the DNA was recovered many hours after death, and in water. This case was featured in a Journal of Forensic Science article …

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Detecting Child Abuse and Neglect — Are Dentists Doing Enough? Full Text

Dental health professionals continue to under-report child abuse, despite growing awareness of their potential role in detecting this crime. This article presents an overview of child abuse and neglect and outlines the indicators that may alert dental professionals to possible maltreatment of child patients. Documentation protocols are also provided to …

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Forensic odontology and its role in the problems of the police and forensic pathologist – Full Text

Paper outlines the value of forensic dentistry to the police. Recommends the type of dentists who should be called to assist. Summarizes with case reports including a bitemark case on two young children.  A brief work and included in the literature library for completeness rather than any substantive research merit. The paper …

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