Leading odont excludes suspect

A toddler who died of head injuries after being rushed to Victoria General Hospital on April 9, 2008, had high levels of a drug commonly found in over-the-counter cold medications, a forensic toxicologist testified Monday in B.C. Supreme Court. Dr. William Schreiber, who is also an expert in clinical pathology, was testifying at the trial […]

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evidence base

Evidence Based Bitemark Reports

IntroductionThis page considers the use of scientific evidence within bitemark analyses and report writing. Using examples the presentation shows how evidence from forensic science and wider health care literature can be used to inform and develop bitemark assessment. You can find a copy of the presentation on the right hand side (a full size version […]

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Balko has BM in his sights

Radly Balko – a reporter at the Washington Post and advocate for justice issues and reform in forensic science has released the first of a four part series looking at bitemarks.

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