Twin study suggests caution in dental ageing techniques.

Ageing papers – they are normally of little interest to anyone – especially given that the techniques are so well established and there has been endless re-iterations of them.  However, I thought this paper, Twins and the paradox of dental-age estimations: A caution for researchers and clinicians The biological age difference among twins is frequently […]

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Kieser – No evidence of contextual bias in bitemarks

A few weeks ago we reported on the death of Jules Kieser – a leading odont researcher from New Zealand.  His last publication, currently in press at the journal Science and Justice – looks at the impact of contextual bias in bitemarks – and, interestingly, finds none. Contextual bias has been shown to impact other […]

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DNA from Bitemark convicts former LAPD officer

This is a story from 2012 – but shows how bitemark evidence, in the form of biological evidence can help in cases.  The case is well described in this video, called “One of their Own”, by the 48 hours team.  DNA recovery from bitemarks was first described in the literature in 1999 when Sweet and […]

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BBC Exposes expert witnesses for hire – can you buy justice?

The BBCs leading documentary programme, Panorama, has undertaken an expose of expert witnesses in the UK. Looking at document examiners, a wildlife expert and a CCTV specialist they undertook secret filming of each. In every case the reporter indicates their guilt and yet the experts agree to prepare reports that would seek to exonerate them. […]

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Sad loss of leading odont researcher

We learnt from the New Zealand Society of Forensic Odontology that on the 11th June Professor Jules Kieser of New Zealand passed away. A quote from the Secretary of the New Zealand Society of Forensic Odontology stated, “He was a very important part of our society and was one of those rare people who was […]

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